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The Intelligent Pontoon System Simbro - the first choice in pontoon supply The Simbro Pontoon System grace many of the finest design marina, pontoon harbour and...

UK - Tarbert Marina - Pontoon Manufacturer

UK - Tarbert Marina The key factor on this project was getting around the piling limitations & the excessive range in the tide. This was achieved...

UK - Erith Yacht Club - Marina Design

UK - Erith Yacht Club Another prestigious contract, awarded due to the high standards & competitive pricing that is achievable with the Simbro system. Along with...

UK - Kingsland Wharf - Pontoon Berth

UK - Kingsland Wharf Recently secured, this project in particular shows how versatile the Simbro system is. Along with a number of pontoon berths, the project...

ITALY - Darsena Brian - Pontoon Installation

Italy - Darsena Brian Another SIMBRO system has been installed in Italy.  The national competitor could not compete against the cost and the higher quality of...

BRUNEI - Narcotics Police - Pontoon Supply

Brunei - Narcotics Police Pontoons With help from one of our partners the Simbro pontoon system has now broken onto the market in Brunei. Competitive prices...

UK - Roydon Marina - Marina Installation

UK - Roydon Marina Recently completed utilising the Simbro pontoon system, Roydon Marina is the largest in-land marina in the south of England. With over 300 berths,...

UK - Stranraer Harbour Marina - Marina Berths

UK - Stranraer Harbour Marina Yet another job completed in Scotland by Solent Marine and as always, on time. These pontoons have a fibre-glass grating deck...

UK - Torbay Harbour - Finger Pontoon

UK - Torbay Harbour Solent Marine have just completed the works at Torbay Harbour. This happens to be the debut of the new Simbro finger pontoons...

UK - Priory Marina - Pontoon Design

UK - Priory Marina Our unique innovative design for Priory Marina in Bedford won us the contract from British Waterways Marina Ltd. We specifically designed a...

UK - Penton Hook Marina - Marina Developments

UK - Penton Hook Marina SIMBRO Pontoons where the choice for Marina Developements Ltd, the prestigious project at Penton Hook will provide over 100 dedicated berths and...

UK - Farmoor Reservoir - Access Bridge

UK - Farmoor Reservoir A pioneering solution for the SIMBRO pontoons & access at Farmoor reservoir is now beginning to take shape. All the main pontoons...


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The Intelligent Pontoon System
Pontoon Manufacturer - Pontoon Supplier - Marina Design

Simbro - the first choice in Pontoon Supply and its Pontoon Manufacturer

The Simbro Pontoon System grace many of the finest marinas, harbours and waterfronts around the world. Simbro is renowned for being the first completely modular Floating Pontoon System on the market. Simbro is manufactured in the United Kingdom by Solent Marine Ltd, Since 1991 Solent Marine have developed the engineering and design capacity to handle any project and as one of the only Floating Pontoon Manufacturers still to build all of their products in house they are in complete control of the quality and delivery.

Solent Marine Ltd can offer as a Pontoon Manufacturer, Global Partners to become a Simbro Pontoon Supplier with the facility to provide AutoCAD Marina Design